Till I've Found Today

by Dayrider

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released April 17, 2016

Guitar - Brandon Schrama
Bass - B-Dawg
Drums - John Branham
Piano - Ludwig van Brantoven
Acoustic Guitar - Django Branhardt
Harmonica - Train rider, a novice paying homage to Sonny Boy Williamson II

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brandon Schrama

Thanks to Audrey Galat for the Album Cover

Thanks to Don Gopp of the Fairlawn Guitar Center for taking care of the guitars for this album

I'd like to thank the 2014-2015 and onward Cleveland Cavaliers for giving me inspiration to keep fighting even if I know the odds are against me.

I'd like to thank my late great grandpa Hubert Summers for teaching me to keep my aces in the hole for when things mattered, which tended to be the end of the hand.

I'd like to thank my Mom, Dad and sister for all of their support, particularly putting up with my drumming.

I'd like to thank all the musicians who inspired by putting more than notes into their music.

Shout out to Cameron "Cam to the Ameron" Carr and Mo "Midnight Thunder" Barre for helping me make this record a reality

Fun Fact: The Songs on this record are relatively in the order they were recorded with the exception of 14 and 15 being earlier ones and Look Again following Till I've Found Today.

This is an album made by me, Brandon Schrama, for music and for myself.



all rights reserved


Dayrider Columbus, Ohio

I make music that I enjoy. Currently looking for a solid jammin bassist and drummer

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Track Name: Look Again
Laying waterside, staring up
Wet sand in hand starring at the sky’s buttercup
Seems the waters rise too high sometimes
The waves crashing down for unknown crimes

Life may be hard and the choices harder
Some live for life, some live for martyr
Seems the waves can be your desires thrashing about
You want it all but can’t get it out

Difficult to figure out how to motivate
Crack the kindness, speak of the whip
Wander inside for that which hides
You’re usually down when you know you’ve tipped

The door won’t open, I shake myself
A dead end doesn’t mean all’s over
In a tranquil garden weeds appear
All is life, have no fear

When you’ve wandered too long
Feelings can be reminiscent
The leaves have turned again
Don’t try to find where summer went
Tis the season to be jolly
Backwards in a cycle is folly

To feel what you’ve felt again
The rebirth is purpose for the wise
To be again, to remember surprise
To know of what you know to rise
Look again with open eyes

Lyrics written autumn 2013
Song recorded 2015
Track Name: Once and For All
And once we realize
We’re a dog chasing its tail
We come close to finding time
For better things to prevail

Sometimes you’ve just got to go
On and on without it
Instead of getting caught up
In getting caught up

Like a boy leading his kite
Yet trying to fight the wind
Venturing closer to trees
Because he thinks open space is a breeze

With intelligence comes assumptions
Of things being understood
The simple can be hard
The simple can be good

I’m getting sick of all these tangents
Of no conclusion and faceted diversion
I just wish I could slash through
This jungle of a mind’s perversion

There’s El Dorado and an aficionado
Of exploring I’ve come to be
Through the rain and under the canopy
There’s life and more to see

The dome above, this sky of mine
Piercing through the branches
Being south of snow and trees still
Protect me from the sun’s advances

An expedition in a direction
Feels good to go for a goal
On my way the way I’d like
Coming since and going so

And once I realize
To avoid “and once”
To do it when I can
And as I must

I’ll be moving forward
Against time’s steady hand
One thing’s for certain
Don’t worry if you’ll understand

The saturation of the foliage against my path
A silent treatment of silence’s wrath
Hear the drone of life in play
Unending for another day

I’ll keep slashing
I stake my claim
And once and for all
I’m free of blame

Lyrics written 5/29/15
Song recorded summer 2015
Track Name: Till I've Found Today
On my way back
By these breadcrumbs of mine
Chasing them backward
Ever lesser the time

Sometimes it feels
Like my memories come to me
In an instant
The more I learn
The more I seem to remember

Trying to figure out what I had
When I didn’t know what it was
A storehouse full of moments
With nothing but because

Empty Stations
Is anybody else on this ride?
I got on and spread my legs
In this cabin till I’ve found today

Inside I’ve found an archive
Of things I’ve lived and held close
Though never understood
Like something hid beneath a flower’s pedals
Waiting to bloom when the sun was true

The attendant of circumstance
Always brings a meal
The conductor of reality
Keeps us between the rails

They never asked for my ticket
Because the voyage is mine
The baggage I brought on
Seems little now

The view outside the window
Seems not to matter to progression
Onward and forward
As I’ve learned that lesson

Up the hills and over the mountains
Will and wisdom know few bounds
Life can be stingy enough
But the good deeds will come round

From above there seems but steam
A cloud of what I try to mean
The bumps I feel remind me still
Of what little can be to those once ill

Through the cabins
Eyeing more
There’s plenty yet
To be in store

On my way back
By these breadcrumbs of mine
Going through life
Ever lesser the time
Track Name: In the Sun
And yet again I’m in the debris
Under collapsed walls of conjecture and history
When you worry it all, you worry yourself small
And make it feel like you can do nothing at all

There’s only one time you’ve got to live
It’s called the present, the here, the now
If you don’t believe me
Let me try to show you how

Yes the future is where we can be
Better tomorrows come from productive todays
But it’s not here till it is so don’t let it come crashing down
Unless you’d rather be stuck with a frown

Yes the past somehow seems to last
Over and over we remember what could have been had
But as life goes on you’ll only get farther away from them
So don’t make now another past you regret

For too long I’ve laid here in this debris
For too long I’ve tried and couldn’t see
I’ve got a chance to rise from it all
It may not be perfect but I’ll take it
I’m sick of being small

Those times spent under it all
Make me feel I’ve lived a thousand years
When it’s just you in a box with darkness
When it’s just you in a box with fears

I’ve come to realize it didn’t all happen at once
Slowly and slowly I’ve made and rebuilt walls
You think they keep you safe, you think they’re there to help
But for every time they’ve fallen in, were you glad you had them?

Stop spending all your time on palaces of possibility
And grand pyramids of days come and gone
There’s now all around you,
Now as far as the eye can see
Get out of this mess you’re in
And make yourself a worthy history

I’m ready to break these shackles
I’ll figure out why I was in them later
If I actually want to see clearly
I’d be better off in the sun

Lyrics written 3/2/15
Song recorded summer 2015

"All that glitters is gooolllddd..."
Track Name: Open Arms (Play it Through)
Here I am, the land inside
Between past and future, side by side
Things are so real, things are so grand
When you see true colors, there’s so much less bland

What keeps coming to, as a way to be
Is to play it on through
All the maps in the world won’t do you any good
If you can’t find your bearings

And as well things became much simpler
As you made your way up the tree of possibility
When you’re stuck at its base, branches galore
No wonder you feel glued to the floor

But as you climb things become clearer
Less branches to worry about
Less for foliage to hide
As the goal becomes more feasible
And less lost in your dreams
It feels hope is a light that flickers and gleams

Another tree I ought to take note of
Is the ever weeping willow
We all think it’s sad for it lets no one in
But when you’re inside there’s so much room
And so little wind

What it keeps covered up, it ought to share
And not keep hidden like some unknown hero in its lair
Spread your arms and let the whole world see
What’s only ever looked like misery

I feel when you’re present
Whole and so true
That there’s so little
That you can’t seem to do

On this mountain, this moment of now
Slopes of past and future all around
Trying to have me roll all the way down
Letting me know what this peak took to have found

Things are so much simpler
My dreams feels like they’ll be there when I awake
Problems are problems but they’re much less obscene
And I don’t give myself the option to blow them up
As nothing more than hot air of worry
That grew a small problem into a flurry

I’m sick of the past as I’ve been there, done that
Don’t want to spend my hours worrying how long things will last
Learn what can be learned and leave it be
Why stay crawled up in the footnotes of your history?

As far as the future, as far as I’ll be
Try to go where I’m headed, try to reach what I see
As for anything that comes in my way
I’ll just play it on through, day after day

Lyrics written 3/2/15
Song recorded summer 2015
Track Name: All But
Awake at night
I’ve tossed and turned
Enough to feel like
Yarn in a knitter’s hand

Through and through
On and on
Kept up on getting caught up
An underlying tone which just won’t conclude

Tired now, tired then
Ink slowly seeping through this pen
What I wouldn’t give for some peace of mind
Or just a peaceful point in time

Comfort seems like an old tale
Alluded to in crowded taverns
Colluding with conflicting actions
Action that is, comfort through doing

Seems like escape but maybe you do
So that you can enjoy when you don’t
That there actually be some content to turn about
Actually be something, less of a someone

I’m not sure but boy,
Have I ever fought
With this demon of indecision
And overbearing thought

What could have been
Hounds me longer
Then I’d like to know
It’s been too long I’ve got to go

I’ve said it a thousand times
To a thousand rhymes
With the tune ever saying
You’ve done all but do

I’ve opened the door
The wind’s rolling through
Now’s the time
To finally do

Lyrics written 5/20/15
Song Recorded summer 2015
Track Name: At Home Again
Here I am
Lost in the forest of my good intentions
I can be
My worst enemy
As I sabotage what could have been fine
That is, a self I love
Time after time

Isn’t it sad
How we blame ourselves so
When from our heart never left
Anything meant to hurt

Yet pain finds us again and again
And when he turns to that eternal friend
He finds the darkness in the light
If I love myself, why the fight

Day 8 in this forest
I’ve been here before
Let’s circle round this tree again
As if there could be anymore

Through the canopy I see the sky
Such beauty with such little why
Shining down unabashedly
Daring me to finally be free

In this forest I hear a man
He say go on, he says I can
If I believe in me, what’s to fear?
A conscious is with me here

Tread on, through the tangled expanse
When I entered I can’t remember
Must have wandered in but on a whim
It was much easier to leave back then

I’ve tried to run, I’ve tried to climb
It doesn’t really save any time
There’s only an end
When you realize what you’re in

See beautiful flowers and chirping birds
They’ve found themselves in here as well
Some people never realize where they’ve been
That the light above could have been less dim

A stream of life, I’m on its shore
There’s been so many here, and only more
A telling sign of life’s downstream flow
A splash of water to my face will help me grow

There’s been paths, I’ve known them well
But a while ago I ventured off the trail
I tried to find it again to no avail
Just because it looks like it’s going somewhere
Doesn’t mean you can end your tale

Which is why I’m alright without the trail
So many stick to it thinking
That it’s got their best interest at heart
But the trail’s only so visible as it’s ever been trodded
You only ought to take it
If it’s best for you
Not because
You think it’s the thing to do

For I’ve come to learn to navigate
For direction’s sake
To do what it takes
So that I can get through this

It’s funny how all my life
Wandering felt the most natural
I guess some of us are forever on the move
Whether it be inside or out

On the ground I see footprints of great explorers before
If they were able to find their way out
I’ve found some hope I was looking for

Sometimes I get above it all
On a hill I stand so tall
Even though the end of the forest has yet to be found
I feel like a king upon his mound

So come to me, days over yonder
Let’s be merry
Let’s be found
I’ll think of you as light shines on through the trees
Rays of sunlight falling down like rain
Soon I’ll know more than this pain
Soon I’ll feel at home again

Around and around this forest I’ve gone
I haven’t been the only one
I’ll own it up,
I’ll stop the games,
Life’s got to be won
For better days

Lyrics written 3/9/15
Song Recorded Summer 2015
Track Name: Help Me
This is a cover of an old blues song by Sonny Boy Williamson II

Original lyrics:

You got to help me
I can't do it all by myself
You got to help me, baby
I can't do it all by myself
You know if you don't help me darling
I'll have to find myself somebody else

I may have to wash
I may have to sew
I may have to cook
I might mop the floor but you help me babe
You know if you don't help me darling
I'll find myself somebody else

When I walk, walk with me
When I talk, you talk to me
Oh baby, I can't do it all by myself
You know if you don't help me darling
I'll have to find myself somebody else
Help me, help me darlin'

Bring my nightshirt
Put on your morning gown
Bring my nightshirt
Put on your morning gown
Darlin' I know we stripped bare
But I don't feel like lying down

song recorded summer 2015
Track Name: Under Blue Skies in the Rain
I don’t want to be cold
I just want to be me
But you’re making things harder
Than they need to be

There are moments
Some I can’t tell apart
Where if you give her a smile
She’ll give you her heart

A parade of reasons
A carnival of what ifs
I just wanted to know
How it was going

Seems you don’t have to stay long
To be on for the ride
Let’s just hope
We’re ever with the tide

And in some ways, it’s all a game
Of different times and different names
You may make no moves, but they’ll frame you as a player
What if I feel like I don’t want to play her?

There’s a reason you need confidence in spades
Some girls will find themselves half empty, no matter your ways
In a minefield of their own making, no matter your intent
I wish not being your somebody didn’t make me feel so spent

It seems a youthful heart knows no lies
At times it lives, at times it dies
It’ll give your everything, no need to say a word
When it starts pumping, let’s hope you’ve already heard

As you stand by castles and in ruins
And under blue skies in the rain
Know you’ve still got time to figure it out
To be free of the pain

Through it all, can’t say I didn’t try
To not just be another guy

Lyrics written July 2015
Song recorded Summer 2015
Track Name: For Another Time
Don’t do tomorrow
What you can do today
Get it off your mind
For another time

Don’t watch it roll
When you can make it stop
If things go downhill
It won’t be as easy

Don’t hope to remember
What’s easily forgotten
When you held it but in the air
Tied down not anywhere

Across the river
There’s buildings to the sky
From this bench
The bustling seems quite

How often we forget
How much goes on
There’s people chasing things down hills
All around us

There’s people feeling out of place
When they’ve stopped trying to find one
There’s people with a lonely face
As they’ve yet to know a sad now isn’t forever

My fingers fall on the ivory keys
Like raindrops from a high above cloud
Hear the ripples of longer days
Water for life, for better ways

Give what you’ve got
And whenever it returns
The energy will feel yours
And the results now earned

Don’t do tomorrow
What you can do today
There’s more to be had
Wouldn’t want it any other way
Track Name: Stompa
This is a cover of Stompa by Serena Ryder from 2012

The lyrics to the original:

There's a light and I can see it in your eyes
There's a memory of the way you used to be
Nothing's gone it still shines every time you turn it on
And when you slow it down...

People, working every night and day
Never give yourself no time
Got too many bills to pay
Slow down, nothing's gonna disappear
If you give yourself some room
To move to the music you hear

Gotta get up, listen to me
Clappa your hands, stompa your feet

People, looking for the great escape
Looking to the greener side
Trying to find a better way
Slow down; open up your big brown eyes
Feel the rhythm in your heart
You don't even need to try

Gotta get up, listen to me
Clappa your hands, stompa your feet
Nothing is wrong, if you move to the beat
Clappa your hands
Stompa your feet
Stompa your feet

When you can't seem to shake off all the feelings that are breaking
Little pieces of the music that's in you
All the pain that you feel
I can prove it's not real
There's just one thing you gotta do

Gotta get up, listen to me
Clappa your hands, stompa your feet
Nothing is wrong, if you move to the beat
Clappa your hands
Stompa your feet
Stompa your feet

Stompa your feet, stompa your feet

Recorded July/August 2015
Track Name: Only Time (Towards the Edge)
I’m floating around
My head’s in the clouds
Distantly near
Closed but here

I’ll think about this
Ponder over that
The circles in the sand
Waves reprimand

Not near enough out
For what goes in
You’ve got what it takes
But you have to give it to win

The crisp ocean breeze
As I straddle along
Helps me return
To where I’ve yet to be

With my eyes to the telescopes
Gazing above
Can it ever be hard to see
What’s right in front of me

The stars go shooting
Man down, I’m hit
Step on a comet’s tail
And now I’m bit

The mountain tops, the hills I climb
The stars came closer every time
The midnight sun, the waves it brought
Helped me closer to what’s now sought

I paddle on towards the edge
Starring out the skies of my eyes
If I keep going I’ll make it there
A silent surprise through the tear

I take a breather above the deep
And feel the ocean’s rumble
Good to know what small waves show
That power can be humble

The seagulls fly near me now
A whale spouts and floats as well
There’s a journey to be had, we all know
And only time will tell

Another day’s sun falls slowly from the sky
Another less unanswered why
The starry blue, constellations too
Are calling me, how about you

Lyrics written 7/30/14
Song recorded summer 2015
Track Name: Strongholds
For once I’d like to
Cut with the grain
Things wouldn’t shake so much
And leave my cutting hand in pain

I guess limits are easier to find
For those who get little out of the grind
Push them more, push them farther
Do they hold us back or together?

Could just be there if you need them
For those unsure of what to do
For those who take so little to get so blue
On and on, through and through

Meanwhile though, on I go
Through strongholds in a country of warring circumstance
Bastions of meaning, defense from the reeling
So grand and timeless though perpetually fleeting

From this castle top, beneath the sun
Starring out at battlefields, some yet to be won
For there to be a banner, it only takes one
If you build it, they will come

See smoke rising in the distance, I must be off
From this place to another, as it’s ever been
I hope time and company will take care of this place
If I ever want to return in memory or in haste

As I fade from now I turn and stare
At this stronghold in time, that made things fair
There’s a smile on my face as I’m glad to see
Up there on castle top
Blowing in the wind,
A banner placed by me

Lyrics written 8/3/15
Recorded July/August 2015
Track Name: Into the Blue
On an island, under a tree
Living life ostensibly
On the shore, cast in hand
Hoping for a bite to land

Staring outward, sun in sky
I wonder where I’ve ever been
I do better, but I want my best
I want it with me for every test

I cast away into the blue
Are you looking for me
Cause I’m looking for you
Feet in sand and ready to reel
It will take quite a while
To let you know how I feel

At a loss of words
For I’ve got too many
Can’t seem to find
The good in the plenty

Oh mind of mine, I’ve got to consider
The days I’ve had and the many winter
Don’t do yourself wrong when life’s already on it
You’re better than your circumstance, don’t ever forget that

It’s amazing the roads we can take to the same place
But so few do too many consider
There’s snow in your eyes and ice on your smile
Yet many have never seen a tree wither

So many times, we’ll reach a place
Without a thought of where from
You’re now unsure with a fitting face
Now I’m the only one

Even if I had all the time
I’m not sure I could explain
Why some things happen and happen again
What keeps coming to mind though,
Through all the paths they didn’t find
Is that it’s a long story anyway.

I guess the hurdles of complicated people
Are the simple things
And the hurdles of the simple
Are the complicated

I just wish I could reach in my pocket
Take out and open a scratched but loved locket
Which illuminates the situation, projects what I’ve found
A hologram of all the pages my book’s had bound

I guess there’s always another side
I just may not show what’s easy to hide
For me that is, I’ve kept it all in
You’re not weak, you’ve run yourself thin

Cast away, I’m off again
Looking for my long lost twin
When I find him, I’ll let you know
Or maybe he will, only time will show

Lyrics written 9/22/15
Song recorded September 2014
Track Name: The Observatory
Sometimes, things seem so far away
On and on throughout the day
Whether you’re stressed or pressed or just a mess
Don’t just hover around the moments digressed

Clocking in and zoning out
Forgot what I was thinking about
Tangents off thoughts of another time
Seems for every present I’m stuck in line

Looking for meaning, wanting a prize
Something to capture, an apple of my eyes
Chasing desires around and around
Coming to in a circle ten feet in the ground

So odd how the important things get in the way
Of the trivial things we pursue many a day
I’d like to think I know what it’s all for
Should probably know what I want before I want more

There’s bells in the distant, the hour’s struck a new
There’ll always be something that you’d rather do
On plays the drummer boy, I’d like to find the echo
As nice as curtains are, I wouldn’t mind a show

Wandering about on this little world of mine
I spend my days in the observatory
Above the clouds, there’s a world milling about
And every person’s a star, I wonder who you are

I see constellations across my sky
Of time’s gone by and better ways
To enjoy myself, to live it all
Why do I walk through life like I’m about to fall? *

Scroll through the archives, see supernova’s past
Those that lived are those that last
See a message, stamped and sent in space
There’s only one world you’ve got to embrace

Up on mountain high, staring out
I want to know what life’s about
Should I build a spaceship or let them in
Maybe I’ll cut through the sky and let it all out

Softly holding scissors
Safely pointed away
I’d like to think today was another
Step headed the right way

lyrics written 10/27/15
Song recorded winter 2015 - spring 2016